What is Reconditioned?

What does “reconditioned” mean in the replacement electrical parts industry?

The short answer is restoring a piece of equipment so that it functions properly in its intended environment within factory specs. The reconditioning process consists of multiple testing and documentation steps, inspection and cleaning. We use manufacturer recommended lubricants on parts meant to be maintained with lubrication. In some cases the paint is refinished. Replacement contacts and control coils are installed when necessary. Wire connection parts like lugs are inspected and replaced when not sound. We use manufacturer torque specs when available. We have a library of manufacturer catalogs and maintenance publications. Manufacturers prescribe specific test procedures and offer specialized test equipment in many cases. Equipment with outdated electronic trip function controllers can be upgraded or retrofit with new updated trip units. We are experts in reconditioning equipment to make it function like new.

We offer rebuilding and testing services for your equipment. Call or email any questions that you many have.

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